Production Economics (PEK)

The division of Production Economics is part of the Department of Management and Engineering and carries out education and research connected to the optimal use of productive resources within manufacturing or optimal financial decisions.

Education in Production Economics

The majority of the undergraduate courses are given in the engineering programs Industrial Engineering and Management and Mechanical Engineering, and in the international master's programme Industrial Engineering and Management. We offer a number of basic courses in for example production economics, economic analysis and corporate finance. The division is also responsible for two master profiles, operations management and finance, which in total have more than ten courses on advanced level. In addition to this, we supervise and examine a number of master theses every year.

Research in Production Economics

Production Economics is an interdisciplinary engineering subject, which covers management of resources within various business types. The research at the division is focused on the problems in the cross-section between management and engineering, which results in research that applies mathematical methods from engineering science to management problems. The research covers problems at both a strategic, a tactical and an operational level.

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Song Gao, Ou Tang, Hongwei Wang, Pei Yin

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Jörgen Blomvall, Jonas Ekblom

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Robert W Grubbström

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