Anita Kärner Köhler

Senior Lecturer

When a disease occurs in a person's life a need to understand what has happened emerges. In my research this understanding has served as a basis for developing learning support and management of self-care after an event of coronary heart disease.

Beliefs about lifestyle habits after coronary heart disease – a start for pedagogical interventions

In 2004 I defended my thesis "Patients' and spouses' perspectives on coronary heart disease and its treatment".

My major research interest during the latest years has concerned what effect problem-bases learning (PBL) as at method in patient education in primary care has after coronary heart disease. The research focus is on beliefs about life style habits and life after the cardiac event. I lead a group consisting of researchers with competence in Medical Pedagogics, Nursing, Cardiology, General Practice, Statistics and Health Economy.

Ongoing projects


PBL after an event of coronary heart disease. A randomized study aiming to evaluate whether PBL has effects on beliefs about lifestyle habits, empowerment and self-efficacy to manage self-care 1 year after a cardiac event. The main study started in 2011 and in autumn 2014, 157 patients were enrolled. Follow-up 1-, 3- and 5 years after inclusion is on-going. 


Is a research project aiming to test if an internet KBT-program especially developed for persons with heart failure has effect on depressive symptoms. I am co-supervisor for Johan Lundgren, who is doctoral student in this project. 


I teach at the Nursing program in semester 4-6 at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, LiU and work as examiner in semester 4. I am teaching in specialist programs for nurses mainly in medical care. My teaching on ground- and advanced level contains supervision in tutorial groups, in academic essays and in clinical education.   

Collaboration with the surrounding community

I co-operates with the Swedish Heart and Lung Association. I am member of a Network for Problem-based learning within higher education for teachers, students, and pedagogical developers. I am associate editor of the European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing.  

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Selected publications
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