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Ghassan Mourad

Senior Associate Professor, Head of Unit

Just as the heart is located in the centre of the chest, it has been as central in my clinical position as a nurse at the cardiac unit, my teaching for the Nursing programme and my research on patients with chest pain.

Psychological distress in patients with unspecified/non-cardiac chest pain

My research focuses on patients with unspecified/non-cardiac chest pain, since I encountered many of them in my nursing career. They often fell between the cracks and did not receive the care they expected since no acute physical causes could be identified.

My studies have found that a large percentage of these patients experience fear and worries, cardiac anxiety and depressive symptoms, and use a substantial amount of healthcare resources, and thus contribute to high healthcare and societal costs. My current research evaluates the feasibility and efficacy of Internet-delivered cognitive behaviour therapy. Research is also conducted to explore patients´, spouses´, and healthcare perofessionals´ experiences and attitudes to such interventions. My goal is to build up national and international collaboration and develop the care for this group of patients.

Leadership and teaching

I am the head of unit at the Division of Nursing Science and Reproductive Health. In my role as the head of unit it is important to me that the work is done carefully and quickly, and that it takes place in dialogue with the staff. This leads to better conditions for both course coordinators and staff who more effectively can serve students, and this also promotes a good working environment.

My teaching experience has been within the Nursing programme, primarily as a supervisor, course coordinator and examiner. My areas of speciality have been cardiology and how to care of patients with acute heart disease, as well as drug calculation.

About me

Higher education degrees

• Registered nurse/Bachelor of Nursing, 1998 

• Master of Nursing, 2003 

• Doctor of Medicine, 4 December 2015


• Member of the management team at the Division of Nursing Sciences and Reproductive Health 

• Member of HMV Research Forum


• Member of the Collaboration and Exchange in Swedish Cardiovascular Caring Academic Research (Cesar) Network 


Selected publications


Magda Eriksson-Liebon, Anita Kärner Köhler, Peter Johansson, Ghassan Mourad (2024) Living with non-cardiac chest pain - An inductive qualitative interview study of spouses' perspectives Nursing Open, Vol. 11, Article e2189 Continue to DOI
Magda Eriksson-Liebon, Mats Westas, Peter Johansson, Ghassan Mourad (2024) Long-term effects and predictors of change of internet-delivered cognitive behavioural therapy on cardiac anxiety in patients with non-cardiac chest pain: a randomized controlled trial BMC Psychiatry, Vol. 24, Article 216 Continue to DOI
Ghassan Mourad, Johan Lundgren, Gerhard Andersson, Peter Johansson (2024) Healthcare use in patients with cardiovascular disease and depressive symptoms - The impact of a nurse-led internet-delivered cognitive behavioural therapy program. A secondary analysis of a RCT Internet Interventions, Vol. 35, Article 100696 Continue to DOI


Mats Westas, Ghassan Mourad, Gerhard Andersson, Johan Lundgren, Peter Johansson (2023) The effects of internet-based cognitive behaviour therapy for depression in cardiovascular disease on symptoms of anxiety: a secondary analysis of a randomized trial European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing Continue to DOI
Magda Eriksson-Liebon, Johan Lundgren, Patrik Rytterström, Peter Johansson, Ghassan Mourad (2023) Experience of internet-delivered cognitive behavioural therapy among patients with non-cardiac chest pain Journal of Clinical Nursing, Vol. 32, p. 4060-4069 Continue to DOI


I have conducted research since 2010 and received my doctoral degree in December 2015. 

The aim of my thesis was to improve care for patients with non-cardiac chest pain by describing related psychological distress, healthcare utilization and societal costs, and by evaluating an Internet-delivered cognitive behavioural intervention. Further research has been conducted to to explore patients´, spouses´, and healthcare perofessionals´ experiences and attitudes to such interventions. 

I my post-doctoral research I´m co-supervisor for a doctoral student who is evaluating the effects and experiences of an Internet-delivered cognitive behavioural intervention in patients with non-cardiac chest pain. I´m also co-supervisor for a doctoral student who is evaluating the effects and experiences of an Internet-delivered cognitive behavioural intervention in patients with cardiac disease. In addition I´m co-supervisor for another doctoral student who is studying the impact and experience of mobile teams from the patient, healthcare and an health-economic perspective.

My research projects have received external funding, primarily from the County Council of Östergötland and the Medical Research of Southeast Sweden (FORSS). I also received a grant from the Lions Research Foundation for Widespread Diseases. 

My doctoral thesis was entitled Improving Care for Patients with Non-Cardiac Chest Pain – Description of Psychological Distress and Costs, and Evaluation of an Internet-delivered Intervention.

Collaboration with researchers in Nursing Science

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