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Johanna Rosén

Deputy Head of Department, Professor, Head of Division, Head of Unit




Tomas Malina, Bejan Hamawandi, Muhammet S. Toprak, Lin Chen, Jonas Björk, Jie Zhou, Johanna Rosén, Bengt Fadeel (2024) Tuning the transformation and cellular signaling of 2D titanium carbide MXenes using a natural antioxidant Matter, Vol. 7 Continue to DOI
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Per O A Persson, Johanna Rosén, Ivan Petrov, Justinas Palisaitis (2024) Exploring the thermal behavior and diffusive functionality of structural defects and phase boundaries in near-stoichiometric chromium diborides by in situ scanning transmission electron microscopy Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology. A. Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films, Vol. 42, Article 020401 Continue to DOI


Anastasiia Taranova, Kamran Akbar, Khabib Yusupov, Shujie You, Vincent Polewczyk, Silvia Mauri, Eleonora Balliana, Johanna Rosén, Paolo Moras, Alessandro Gradone, Vittorio Morandi, Elisa Moretti, Alberto Vomiero (2023) Unraveling the optoelectronic properties of CoSbx intrinsic selective solar absorber towards high-temperature surfaces Nature Communications, Vol. 14, Article 7280 Continue to DOI
Jie Zhou, Martin Dahlqvist, Jonas Björk, Johanna Rosén (2023) Atomic Scale Design of MXenes and Their Parent Materials-From Theoretical and Experimental Perspectives Chemical Reviews, Vol. 123, p. 13291-13322 Continue to DOI