Photo of Johanna Rosén

Johanna Rosén

Deputy Head of Department, Professor, Head of Division, Head of Unit




Durga Sankar Vavilapalli, Leiqiang Qin, Justinas Palisaitis, Johanna Rosén (2024) Enhanced photocatalytic performance of a rGO-Ca2Fe2O5 nanocomposite for photodegradation of emergent pollutants NPJ CLEAN WATER, Vol. 7, Article 41 Continue to DOI
Shengyang Zhou, Yilin Zhang, Xuan Li, Chao Xu, Joseph Halim, Shuai Cao, Johanna Rosén, Maria Stromme (2024) A mechanically robust spiral fiber with ionic-electronic coupling for multimodal energy harvesting Materials Horizons Continue to DOI
Igor Zhirkov, Andrejs Petruhins, Peter Polcik, Szilard Kolozsvari, Philipp Immich, Johanna Rosén (2024) Stable DC vacuum arc plasma generation from a 100 mm TiB2 cathode Surface & Coatings Technology, Vol. 484, Article 130824 Continue to DOI
Adam Carlsson, Johanna Rosén, Martin Dahlqvist (2024) Systematic high-throughput exploration of quaternary M′2M″AlB4 phases Computational materials science, Vol. 239, Article 112953 Continue to DOI
Jiahui Li, Jehad El-Demellawi, Guan Sheng, Jonas Björk, Fanshuai Zeng, Jie Zhou, Xiaxia Liao, Junwei Wu, Johanna Rosén, Xingjun Liu, Husam Alshareef, Shaobo Tu (2024) Pseudocapacitive Heteroatom-Doped Carbon Cathode for Aluminum-Ion Batteries with Ultrahigh Reversible Stability Energy & Environmental Materials, Article e12733 Continue to DOI



Sign of Linköping University.

Two new Wallenberg Scholars at LiU

Researchers Feng Gao and Daniel Västfjäll at LiU have been appointed as new Wallenberg Scholars. In addition, six LiU researchers will have their  scholar periods extended. Each researcher receives between SEK 18 and 20 million for five years.

Person (Jie Zhou) point at a computer screen.

A new world of 2D material is opening up

Materials that are incredibly thin exhibit unique properties that make them appealing for energy storage, catalysis and water purification. LiU-researchers have developed a method that enables the synthesis of hundreds of new 2D materials.

A stretchable thermoelectric generator

Four materials scientists at LiU share SEK 80 million

Materials research is a strength of Linköping University. This is shown not least by the outcome of the European Research Council's calls, which this round resulted in four grants totalling around SEK 80 million.