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Jose M Pena

Senior Associate Professor, Head of Unit

I am interested in learning from data within machine learning, artificial intelligence and statistics. I'm particularly interested in learning and reasoning with probabilistic graphical models such as; Bayesian networks, Markov networks, chain graphs




Sourabh Balgi, Adel Daoud, Jose M. Peña, Geoffrey Wodtke, Jesse Zhou (2024) Deep Learning With DAGs


Jose M. Peña (2023) Factorization of the Partial Covariance in Singly-Connected Path Diagrams Proceedings of Machine Learning Research, p. 1-36
Jose M Pena (2023) Bounding the probabilities of benefit and harm through sensitivity parameters and proxies Journal of Causal Inference, Vol. 11, Article 20230012 Continue to DOI


Erin E. Gabriel, Jose M Pena, Arvid Sjolander (2022) Bias attenuation results for dichotomization of a continuous confounder Journal of Causal Inference, Vol. 10, p. 515-526 Continue to DOI
Sourabh Balgi, Jose M. Peña, Adel Daoud (2022) Personalized Public Policy Analysis in Social Sciences Using Causal-Graphical Normalizing Flows Proceedings of the Thirty-Sixth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence: AAAI Special Track on AI for Social Impact, p. 11810-11818, Article 21437 Continue to DOI

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