Linda Wänström

Associate Professor, Docent




Frank D. Mann, Adolfo G. Cuevas, Sean A.P. Clouston, Colin D. Freilich, Zlatan Krizan, Sascha Zuber, Linda Wänström, Graciela Muniz-Terrera, Patrick O'Keefe, Stacey Voll, Scott Hofer, Joseph L. Rodgers, Robert F. Krueger (2024) A novel approach to model cumulative stress: Area under the s-factor curve Social Science and Medicine, Vol. 348, Article 116787 Continue to DOI
Maria Weurlander, Linda Wänström, Astrid Seeberger, Annalena Loenn, Linda Barman, Hakan Hult, Robert Thornberg, Annika Wernerson (2024) Development and validation of the physician self-efficacy to manage emotional challenges Scale (PSMEC) BMC Medical Education, Vol. 24, Article 228 Continue to DOI
Mattias Kloo, Robert Thornberg, Linda Wänström, Dorothy L. Espelage (2024) Longitudinal links of authoritative teaching and bullying victimization in upper elementary school Educational Psychology Continue to DOI


Robert Thornberg, Eva Hammar Chiriac, Camilla Forsberg, Linda Wänström (2023) The association between student-teacher relationship quality and school liking: A small-scale 1-year longitudinal study Cogent Education, Vol. 10, Article 2211466 Continue to DOI
Patrick OKeefe, Linda Wänström, Joseph Lee Rodgers (2023) Reframing the clouded scientific spectacles of the Flynn effect: A view through two lenses Intelligence, Vol. 97, Article 101735 Continue to DOI


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