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Oleg Sysoev

Senior Associate Professor

My responsibilities are teaching at various levels, research and also support and development of the Master's program "Statistics and Machine Learning".

I am working as a university lecturer in Statistics at the Division of Statistics and Machine Learning, Department of Computer Science. My responsibilities are teaching at various levels, research and also support and development of the master program "Statistics and Data mining".

I was born in Crimea and then moved to continental Russia where I got a master degree in Applied Mathematics with profile System Programming. Afterwards, I got a doctoral position in Statistics at the Linköpings University and graduated in 2010 by producing thesis "Monotonic regression for large multivariate datasets".

Before coming to Sweden I also worked as a senior customer support engineer at the NetCracker technology.

Research interest

My research interests are monotonic regression and interpolation, data mining and machine learning methods (primarily decision trees, kernel smoothing, neural networks), data mining and machine learning in public health, bootstrap methods, computational statistics, optimization.



Yelin Zhao, Xinxiu Li, Joseph Loscalzo, Martin Smelik, Oleg Sysoev, Yunzhang Wang, A. K. M. Firoj Mahmud, Dina Mansour Aly, Mikael Benson (2024) Transcript and protein signatures derived from shared molecular interactions across cancers are associated with mortality Journal of Translational Medicine, Vol. 22, Article 444 Continue to DOI
Samuel Schäfer, Martin Smelik, Oleg Sysoev, Yelin Zhao, Desiré Eklund, Sandra Lilja, Mika Gustafsson, Holger Heyn, Antonio Julia, Istvan A. Kovacs, Joseph Loscalzo, Sara Marsal, Huan Zhang, Xinxiu Li, Danuta Gawel, Hui Wang, Mikael Benson (2024) scDrugPrio: a framework for the analysis of single-cell transcriptomics to address multiple problems in precision medicine in immune-mediated inflammatory diseases Genome Medicine, Vol. 16, Article 42 Continue to DOI


Sandra Lilja, Xinxiu Li, Martin Smelik, Eun Jung Lee, Joseph Loscalzo, Pratheek Bellur Marthanda, Lang Hu, Mattias Magnusson, Oleg Sysoev, Huan Zhang, Yelin Zhao, Christopher Sjöwall, Danuta Gawel, Hui Wang, Mikael Benson (2023) Multi-organ single-cell analysis reveals an on/off switch system with potential for personalized treatment of immunological diseases Cell Reports Medicine, Vol. 4, Article 100956 Continue to DOI


Caroline Svahn, Oleg Sysoev (2022) CCVAE: A Variational Autoencoder for Handling Censored Covariates 2022 21ST IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MACHINE LEARNING AND APPLICATIONS, ICMLA, p. 709-714 Continue to DOI
Xinxiu Li, Eun Jung Jung Lee, Sandra Lilja, Joseph Loscalzo, Samuel Schäfer, Martin Smelik, Maria Regina Strobl, Oleg Sysoev, Hui Wang, Huan Zhang, Yelin Zhao, Danuta Gawel, Barbara Bohle, Mikael Benson (2022) A dynamic single cell-based framework for digital twins to prioritize disease genes and drug targets Genome Medicine, Vol. 14, Article 48 Continue to DOI



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