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Jose M Pena

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Sourabh Balgi, Adel Daoud, Jose M. Peña, Geoffrey Wodtke, Jesse Zhou (2024) Deep Learning With DAGs


Jose M. Peña (2023) Factorization of the Partial Covariance in Singly-Connected Path Diagrams Proceedings of Machine Learning Research, s. 1-36
Jose M Pena (2023) Bounding the probabilities of benefit and harm through sensitivity parameters and proxies Journal of Causal Inference, Vol. 11, Artikel 20230012 Vidare till DOI


Erin E. Gabriel, Jose M Pena, Arvid Sjolander (2022) Bias attenuation results for dichotomization of a continuous confounder Journal of Causal Inference, Vol. 10, s. 515-526 Vidare till DOI
Sourabh Balgi, Jose M. Peña, Adel Daoud (2022) Personalized Public Policy Analysis in Social Sciences Using Causal-Graphical Normalizing Flows Proceedings of the Thirty-Sixth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence: AAAI Special Track on AI for Social Impact, s. 11810-11818, Artikel 21437 Vidare till DOI

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