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Maria Liljeroos

Adjunct Associate Professor, Docent

I have the privilege of working in the best of two worlds where I combine both clinical work and research to improve care for patients and families living with heart failure.

Improved heart failure care

My work focuses on improving care for patients and families who lives with heart failure.

I work part time as a heart failure nurse and part time I work with care development at the medical department at Mälarsjukhuset in Eskilstuna, and also in primary care.

I am also the process leader for the heart failure process in the county council of Sörmland where we worked systematically to implement nurse-led heart failure clinics in primary care.

I teach in single courses in cardiovascular care, both in Linköping and at other universities. 

Within research, I participate in several different projects, both nationally and internationally, all focusing on strengthening the care for patients with heart diseases. Research areas mainly are related to improving the care and self-care of cardiac patients, and includes information and communication technology, distance monitoring and eHealth.

About me


  • Registered nurse 1988
  • PhD exam 2017
  • Docent 2022


Selected publications

Cover of publication ''
Maria Liljeroos, Anna Strömberg, Kristofer Årestedt, Misook L. Chung (2018)

European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing , Vol.17 , s.527-534 Continue to DOI

Cover of publication ''
Maria Liljeroos, Susanna Ågren, Tiny Jaarsma, Kristofer Årestedt, Anna Strömberg (2017)

Quality of Life Research , Vol.26 , s.367-379 Continue to DOI

Cover of publication ''
Maria Liljeroos, Susanna Ågren, Tiny Jaarsma, Kristofer Årestedt, Anna Strömberg (2015)

PLOS ONE , Vol.10 , s.e0138058- Continue to DOI

Recent publications


Maria Liljeroos, Marina Arkkukangas (2023) Implementation of Telemonitoring in Health Care: Facilitators and Barriers for Using eHealth for Older Adults with Chronic Conditions Risk Management and Healthcare Policy, Vol. 16, p. 43-53 Continue to DOI
Gabrielle Cecile Santos, Maria Liljeroos, Kelly Tschann, Kris Denhaerynck, Justine Wicht, Corrine Y. Jurgens, Roger Hullin, Petra Schaefer-Keller (2023) Feasibility, acceptability, and outcome responsiveness of the SYMPERHEART intervention to support symptom perception in persons with heart failure and their informal caregivers: a feasibility quasi-experimental study Pilot and Feasibility Studies, Vol. 9, Article 168 Continue to DOI
Maria Liljeroos, Bjorn Agvall, Daniel Eek, Michael Fu (2023) Experiences of Heart Failure and the Treatment Journey: A Mixed-Methods Study Among Patients with Heart Failure in Sweden Patient Preference and Adherence, Vol. 17, p. 1935-1947 Continue to DOI
Emma Säfström, Kristofer Arestedt, Heather D Hadjistavropoulos, Maria Liljeroos, Lena Nordgren, Tiny Jaarsma, Anna Strömberg (2023) Development and psychometric properties of a short version of the Patient Continuity of Care Questionnaire Health Expectations Continue to DOI
Emma Säfström, Kristofer Årestedt, Maria Liljeroos, Lena Nordgren, Tiny Jaarsma, Anna Strömberg (2023) Associations between continuity of care, perceived control and self-care and their impact on health-related quality of life and hospital readmission: A structural equation model Journal of Advanced Nursing Continue to DOI


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Patient centered research

Meet nurse Maria Liljeroos, one out of a hundred co-workers at the County Council of Södermanland conducting patient centered research.