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Mathias Henningsson

Associate Professor

I am teaching in a number of courses in Production Economics and Optimization. I love working with education, both through administration but also as a teacher.


I am a teacher at the division of Production Economics. I teach at the the undergraduate and advanced level students in the engineering programs like Industrial Engineering and Management and Mechanical Engineering.

I started working at Linköping University at the Department of Mathematics, division Optimization as a doctoral student, subject teacher, lecturer and director of studies from 1996 until 2008. During that time I got my PhD 2003. I then moved to the Department of Management and Engineering 2008 at the Division of  Production Economics.

Brief facts about me

Academic degrees

  • Licentiate, Optimization, 1998
  • PhD, Optimization, 2003


  • Nomination to the ”golden carrot” from the students for specific good teaching 2002
  • 5 Diplom from the I-student board for specific good teaching in the courses TAOP37 Operations research extended course and TAOP18 Supply Chain Optimization 2004-2009
  • 2 letters from the dean for good teaching in the courses TAOP18 Supply Chain Optimization and TPPE09 Production Economics 2008-2009


  • TPPE91 Production System Planning and Management,  teacher och examiner
  • TNK113 Transport Economics,  teacher och examiner
  • TPPE78 Quantitative Models and Analysis in Operations Management, teacher
  • TPPE33 Portfolio Management, responsible for one lecture and one project
  • TPPE29 Financial Markets and Instruments, responsible for 2-3 lectures and practical exercises
  • TPPE73 Operations Management -  Project Course


  • EU finased education project ”IE3 Industrial Engineering and Management of European Higher Education"
  • Member of Departmental Board of Department of Management and Engineering 2015-
  • Deputy member of Erik Johnson scholarship-board 2105-
  • Head of the Board Industrial Management and logistics 2009-2020
  • Head of Division production Economics 2012 - 2017


Teaching in Production Economics and Optimization 

I really like teaching and during the years, I have mainly been teaching the two engineering programs Industrial Engineering and Management and the Mechanical Engineering in the subjects Optimization and Production Economics. I am one of the authors of an exercise-book in Optimization (in Swedish 2008 and an English version 2010).



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Mathias Henningsson, Jenny Karlsson, Mikael Rönnqvist (2004) Mixed Integer Programming models to support Tactical Forest Road Upgrade Planning