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Matts Karlsson

Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research

Puts a strong emphasis on the word 'and' in the expression “excellence and benefit”, meaning that it is only when our research meets both these requirements that it can help to solve the major challenges of today.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research

Much of my work right now relates to the comprehensive evaluation of LiU’s research to be finalised in 2025. Referred to as LiRE25, this evaluation will take place in three steps involving the collection of supporting data, a self-evaluation of strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities for each separate research area, and assessment panels including prominent researchers. 
I am also working on how LiU's overall strategy (LiU – with the courage to think freely and innovate), together with a new research and innovation strategy, can improve LiU's position. Interdisciplinarity, for example, is something of our trademark, but how can it be developed in the future? 
Other important issues include how future infrastructure needs can be met for smarter use of LiU’s resources, the launch of LiU’s profile areas and how to visibly and attractively develop our sustainability perspective.  

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Decomposed leaf.

The reaction explaining large carbon sinks

A mystery has finally been solved. Researchers from LiU and Helmholtz Munich have discovered that a certain type of chemical reaction can explain why organic matter found in rivers and lakes is so resistant to degradation.

Man framing an illustration of a heart with his hands.

“I want to learn as much as possible about how the body works.”

Tino Ebbers receives the 2024 Onkel Adam Prize for his outstanding research at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at LiU. His research is at the intersection of medicine and technology and focuses on diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Portrait of a woman (Seetha Murty)

Two champions for children become honorary doctors

Indian principal Seetha Murty has worked with children’s and young people’s learning throughout her professional life. American professor Cindy W. Christian has devoted her career to developing the care of abused children.


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What makes LiU special is the lack of boundaries between different subjects and faculties, which has resulted in world-leading research environments and companies. We address issues where the results can benefit all of society.

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