Integrated Circuits and Systems (EKS)

We are the group that conducts research and provide education on efficient Integrated Circuits and Systems at the department of Electrical Engineering, Linköping University.

Atila AlvandpourPhoto credit: Göran BillesonAs a leading research group, we have many years of IC design research experience, and have contributed with innovative circuit and system solutions at the international forefront. In addition to lots of publications and patents, a number of our research results have been utilized in advanced commercial products such as microprocessors, wireless sensors, internet routers, CMOS cameras, data acquisition systems, and more.

We aim to push the limits of performance and energy-efficiency of critical circuit and system structures which are the key bottlenecks to overall performance of future electronic systems. We are particularly interested in design and implementation of cutting-edge data converters (ADCs and DACs), analog front-ends, sensor readout and data acquisition systems, energy-harvesting and power management systems, analog/digital baseband and RF frontends for multi-Gigabit/s radio transceivers, and low-power wireless sensors. We have also a strong background and long experience in design of advanced digital computing/signal processing circuits and systems, as well as on-chip networks and memories.

Being an application-driven research group, we have a long tradition of close collaboration with national and international companies, and our projects support a wide range of application areas, e.g. communication, computing, healthcare, safety and security, energy management, automotive, avionics, smart consumer electronics, Internet of Things, and more.

Design of electronics systems hardware requires broad knowledge and skills across various circuits and systems engineering fields. We have close collaboration with several strong research divisions at our department (ISY) as well as at the department of computer engineering (IDA). Together, we cover almost all aspects of electronic system design, and we are capable to tackle large multi-disciplinary system design projects.

Education and courses

Regarding education, in addition to our strong research activity, we are also a teaching-intensive group! We provide a broad education including about 20 courses at basic and advance levels within digital, analog, and radio frequency integrated circuits and systems. Here you find a list of courses given by the division.

We are proud of being the group behind Linköping University's internationally renowned education and research on integrated electronics which have produced many talented engineers working today in leading companies and research organizations all over the world. Our programs are also strongly supported by electronics companies in Sweden and worldwide.

Our international master program and program-profiles in electronics offers several large design project courses, providing excellent opportunities for students to improve their design skills by using the same state-of-the-art circuit and system design environments and CAD tools that are used in industry today. For example, in the project course VLSI Design, students design 'real' chips using standard CMOS technology that are sent for fabrication, measured and evaluated in a follow-up course. Only few universities in the world have the know-how and capability to provide such courses!

Contact us

For further information about our research and education or in case of interest in future collaboration with us, please don't hesitate to contact us. You are warmly welcome to visit us as well.



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