Ageing and Later Life

Rockband med äldre kvinnor

Human ageing is a constant, on-going process that is a part of everybody's life. At Linköping University, we study what it is to be elderly, as well as aging itself. 

Linköping University has researchers that study matters of social inequality and exclusion in a society with a changing welfare system, what it is to age and live with several different illnesses and disabilities and the social, technical and spatial changes which later life entails.

At the Division for Ageing and Social Change (ASC), researchers dedicate their time to academic questions related to ageing in different contexts. For example, ASC focusses on social, cultural, political, institutional, health-related and technical dynamics and their impact on ageing in a changing society.

Living with dementia is another issue studied by researchers at LiU. This is carried out at the Center for Dementia Research.



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