Human behaviour and mental processes

Psychology is an academic discipline that revolves around human behaviour and mental processes. 

Psychology attempts to describe mankind's most inner thoughts and feelings, our motives and driving forces, and to explain how we as humans feel, think and act and how we influence each other.

Researchers at LiU focus on many different areas within psychology. One area is online therapy, where clients are in contact with a psychologist or psychotherapist via the internet or a mobile app to treat conditions such as anxiety, depression or tinnitus. 

Another area focuses on small children and how early they can remember things. To find this out, an ERP lab is used, where brain activity can be measured. 

The way people work in groups is also something that interests researchers at LiU. How do we cooperate, what can cause problems and what can we do to make a group work better? 

The subject of psychology also includes studies in cognitive psychology on matters as diverse as decision making and why we make the decisions we make, to perspectives on how children learn, which for instance, examines the significance of working memory during the process of learning. Studies of children's learning also includes a social psychology perspective.

The scientific study of psychology provides us with useful knowledge within the areas central to a person's health and well-being. Linköping University conducts research within social psychology, clinical psychology, developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, neuropsychology and educational psychology.



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