The Social Work research environment

The Social Work Research Environment nurtures justice and is guided by the principle of equal value for all persons. It acts to promote social change towards a more sustainable and inclusive society.

Social work rests on three pillars: research, practice and education. All are permeated by critical thinking and an ethical approach. Research within social work is characterised by its relevance to both practice and education. Its purpose is to benefit those working in practice, and it is carried out in close collaboration with practitioners. The research environment is highly interdisciplinary, and theories and methods from several disciplines are applied in many empirical fields. 

In the research carried out, light is directed not only onto the various mechanisms that create and recreate vulnerability, inequality and exclusion, but also onto all forms of initiative that can in different ways meet and counteract these mechanisms.

The research is thus founded on a critical approach, with a focus on investigating in more detail the relationships between power and resistance, between inclusion and exclusion.



The Doctoral Programme in Social Work

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Researchers in the Social Work Research Environment