How society changes – and what this means  

En kvinna som arbetar i en klädesaffär
David Einar Nygren

Within sociology, researchers attempt to understand society's character, how society changes and how this influences people.

Linköping University conducts sociological research within a number of areas, primarily within analytical sociology, working life and social work.

Since 2014 we have placed a large focus on analytical sociology – a tradition that unites an individual's actions on a micro level with society's development on a macro level. We study things such as the individual's mobility in different sectors: in working life, within the housing environment and within the school sector and how they intertwine and influence one another. 

Sociology provides a basic understanding of society's character and means of change and its significance to people as a social animal.

It is both a social science and a behavioural science and includes theories and tools for studying, describing, analysing and explaining relationships in society and human actions.



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