Ethnicity and Migration

International migration and ethnic relations is a large multidisciplinary field of research at Linköping University. 

The research into international migration and ethnic relations at Linköping University is about causes and consequences of migration, racism, discrimination and integration. Focus is on the economic, political, social and cultural factors that influence and are influenced by migration. 

In our research the researchers study the term ethnicity as changeable. Researchers study what people understand by the term ethnicity and what consequences it has, for example in working life, on the property market, in the education and legal systems, in the media and in daily life. 

Linköping University is home to REMESO, the Institute for Research on Migration, Ethnicity and Society, which gathers researchers from several different research environments to study migration and ethnicity from several different perspectives. The researchers in the area use a number of scientific methods within the humanities and social and behavioural research.


Photo of hands holding one piece of a pussle each.

Cultural competence for Health personnel

The instrument can be used both in research as a data collection instrument and as a clinically applied instrument in various activities. Several research projects linked to the instrument are currently underway.

Buildings illustrating a segregated Mexico City.

Segregation Dynamics

Examining how different ethnic, economic, and gender groups become segregated across urban spaces, schools, and firms, and the consequences of this segregation for those affected.

The Social Work research environment

The Social Work research environment nurtures justice and is guided by the principle of equal value for all persons. It acts to promote social change towards a more sustainable and inclusive society.

Migration camp

Division of Migration, Ethnicity and Society (REMESO)

REMESO pursues research and education on transnational migration, ethnic diversity and citizenship in relation to changes in labour and welfare.


Jonathan Josefsson och Branka Likic-Brboric at the conference GFMD.

The signs that reveal migration policies

Who has access to the meeting rooms? Who leaves when others enter? Who is talking to whom? This may reveal how the winds are blowing in migration policy at an international summit. And researchers from LiU are moving in the crowd to observe.

Portrait of professor Zoran Slavnic.

Bosnian refugees managed well despite uncertainty

Two batches of refugees escaped the war in Bosnia to come to Sweden. One was quickly given permanent residency while the other had to spend several years in uncertainty. Researchers at LiU have now investigated what happened to them.

Syringe with vaccine.

"Vaccine scepticism has grown out of a culture of mistrust"

Right-wing populism and alternative media, racism and mistrust of science and politics. That there is mistrust of society’s institutions is news to nobody – but it has been brought to a head during the COVID-19 pandemic. The big question is “Why?”.