AI literacy in Swedish Teacher Education

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The aim is to explore, define and evaluate AI literacy in/for in Teacher Education, with a focus on what teacher educators and teacher students for K 12 education need to know. This entails establishing evidence and good practice in relation to content, pedagogy, technology and ethics for teaching AI literacy, through responding to three research questions: 

  1. What is relevant AI literacy in Swedish Teacher Education that target K 12 education?
  2. How can teaching activities in terms of learning artefacts, pedagogical approaches, subject matters and ethics be arranged to support teacher educators and future  teachers to develop their own and their future students AI literacy? 



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Katarina Sperling, Linnéa Stenliden, Jörgen Nissen, Fredrik Heintz (2022)

European Journal of Education , Vol.57 , s.584-600 Continue to DOI

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