Consequences of nursing care and treatment

Quality of life/health-related quality of life, self-care, symptom relief, recovery, functional status and complications are studied.

Good nursing care in relation to consequences of nursing care and treatment is dependent on the health care providers’ knowledge, but also on the mediation of knowledge. Knowledge is needed in order to observe and meet the patient’s experience of illness and suffering.

As far as possible, it should alleviate this through adequate measures and actions. Nursing care should promote the patient’s ability to self-care, functional status and facilitate recovery. Each patient’s unique need for care should be assessed and analysed. In consultation with the patient, complications should be prevented and the most useful actions, causing the least harm, should be chosen.

Nursing care is performed with judgement, knowledge and accuracy, patients are kept informed and participate which ensures their safety and well-being when receiving nursing care and treatment.

Research areas

  • Functional status
  • Health and well-being
  • Knowledge
  • Lifestyle
  • Need for care
  • Nutritional condition
  • Prevention of complications such as pressure ulcers, trismus, and malnourishment
  • Quality of life
  • Recovery
  • Self-care
  • Symptom relief