Development of Nursing Science theory and methodology

Utveckling av teori och metod inom omvårdnad

Nursing Science concepts, theory and methods are developed.

We view qualitative and quantitative methods as complementary. To maintain high quality research and nursing care, it is important to develop theories and different concepts that are used in nursing care research. These will elucidate fields of application and the usability of theory in practice. It is also important to develop instruments for measurements in care and nursing care, as well as physiological and medical engineering measurement instruments.


In nursing care, there have always been different, more or less systematic, procedures to assess patients’ health situation. 

By applying systematics and scientificity to the development of instruments and various medical engineering measurement instruments, the quality of care and nursing care is strengthened, which is of significance to the patients’ health and well-being.


Research areas

  • Conceptual analysis/SCA
  • Generation of theory
  • Instrument development
  • Methodology development
  • Physiological and medical engineering measurement methods