Prerequisites for health

Human resources for maintaining or recovering health, or accepting an altered life and health situation are studied.

Prerequisites for health mean that the person receiving nursing care/care should be as autonomous and independent as possible and experience health. Nursing care takes place on a personal level/is patient centred. Therefore, observations of the individual, their potential and resources becomes central. Prerequisites for health include primary and secondary prevention, ability to self-care and basic human needs. Naturally, the individual can be viewed as both a general and unique being. As each individual is unique, encounters should be personal and based on the individual’s unique prerequisites. The individual’s own resources should be utilised.

There is also focus on the interaction between health care provider, patient and next of kin in different contexts and environments throughout the entire care chain. Interaction refers to encounters based on ethical values, which is crucial to the individual’s experience of nursing care actions. Actions are conducted in order to respect and utilise the individual’s own resources to recover health as well as their experience of health and well-being. 

Research areas

  • Ability to self-care
  • Ethical values
  • Knowledge
  • Life situation
  • Nutrition
  • Prevention
  • Sexuality
  • Social support
  • Sleep