Reactions and experiences of illness and poor health

Human reactions, experiences and management of illness and poor health are studied as well as the effects on the individual's needs, life situation and quality of life.

An individual’s experience, reaction and management of symptoms, illness and poor health are dependent on the person being viewed from a holistic perspective. Physical, psychological, social, spiritual and cultural aspects all affect the individual’s life situation and experience of poor health.
The individual’s experience of poor health can be affected by for instance, illness, injury and pain, but also by social factors and social relationships. Social factors can include a changing life situation. A changing life situation can comprise aspects such as stress, disrupted sleep, changes in nutritional status, but also different symptoms and complications. All of these are included in what we would broadly term poor health. Consequently, health is something else and something more than just absence of illness.


Health is a process created and experienced in daily life by individuals themselves. An individual can suffer from an illness and react through various symptoms, but still experience health.

Research areas

  • Changing life situation
  • Changes in nutritional status
  • Complications
  • Disrupted sleep
  • Stress
  • Symptoms