The aim of my research is to understand the family situation related to heart disease and critical care. What support do they need and how they will manage their situation? I continue to study the family as a unit, with each member as a part of the family.

I have focused to meet the family individually, as a group, but also interactive. By evaluating this in randomized studies, focus groups and individual interviews in different research groups; burden, strain, relationship, health-related quality of life, hope, self-care, empowerment.

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Susanna Ågren, Sören Berg, Rolf Svedjeholm, Anna Strömberg (2015)

Intensive & Critical Care Nursing , Vol.31 , s.10-18 Continue to DOI

Susanna Ågren, Anna Strömberg, Tiny Jaarsma, Marie Louise A. Luttik (2015)

Heart & Lung , Vol.44 , s.270-275 Continue to DOI

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