Surface Physics and Chemistry

A big shiny machine, a photo electron spectrometer

The overall goal of our unit is to do basic science on topics that can have a positive impact on society.

Principal investigator: Mats Fahlman

We do general surface physics and chemistry research related to e.g. energy materials, devices and catalytic processes.
We currently focus on

  • weakly-interacting organic-organic and organic-metal interfaces
  • doping of organic semiconductors
  • interface engineering for improving charge injection, exciton dissociation and stability of interfaces in organic electronic devices
  • functional forest-based materials and interface phenomena between organic electronic materials and biomaterials
  • design, fabrication and characterization of (hybrid) organic photovoltaic devices



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Junyi Li, Xianjie Liu, Mats Jonsson (2024) UO2 dissolution in aqueous halide solutions exposed to ionizing radiation Applied Surface Science, Vol. 646, Article 158955 Continue to DOI

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