cross section of a breast cancer cell

Cancer is a research network for scientists and health care professionals at Linköping University and at the County Council of Östergötland (Region Östergötland).

The network includes independent researchers and their groups whose research is related to cancer diagnosis, pathogenesis and treatment.

Unique to Cancer is its engagement of scientists from a wide range of disciplines from clinical application to engineering. By supporting interdisciplinary research, we build on strongholds of Linköping University and Regional Health Care to form a high-profile cancer research environment with the ultimate aim to improve patient care and survival. 


Our aim is to create a high-profile cancer research environment at Linköping University (LiU) and the County Council of Östergötland (RÖ) with an increasing number of high-quality publications and external grants-of-excellence.

We will achieve this aim by:

  • creating a joint cancer research community at LiU and LiÖ
  • strengthening interdisciplinary connections in cancer research
  • catalyzing collaborative projects in cancer research and care
  • building on existing strong research environments and strengthen collaborations between these

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