e-Health is one of five areas of strength at Linköping University and Region Östergötland. The areas' mission is to conduct internationally outstanding research, which in the long run can lead to practical applicability in the health care or business, and to create an inclusive research environment with high scientific level.

e-Health is a broad term and refers to the use of information and communication technologies in all types of healthcare. e-Health includes for example technologies for data-driven analysis, computerized decision support, technical solutions to facilitate remote monitoring, technologies to help patients implement treatment or change behaviour, solutions to communicate between patients and healthcare givers (both primary care and specialised care).

All these areas of research have in common the need to work translationally between medical, behavioural, technical and computational sciences, as well as the challenge of meeting national and international standards and regulations regarding medical technology and data handling, as well as patient integrity.

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Our activities thus far has been attended by 50 persons each time. We currently invite about 94 persons to our activities both from Linköping University, Region Östergötland, the southeastern healthcare region, as well as from outside the region. 

Do you want to become a member of the strategic research area e-Health or do you have suggestions for activities? Contact Johannes Johansson or Nora Östrup.



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