06 April 2022

A certain gene that is passive can cause leucemia or other cancer. But activated, it can increase the response of treatments that are already today in practice.

Maike Bensberg studies this in her doctoral studies at Linköping University. She is also the receiver of Lions major grant to doctoral students at the Medical Faculty. 

Here is a video interview with Maike Bensberg, from april 2022. 



Latest news from LiU

Sheet of glass with droplet.

Next-generation sustainable electronics are doped with air

Researchers at LiU have developed a new method where organic semiconductors can become more conductive with the help of air as a dopant. The study is a significant step towards future sustainable organic semiconductors.

physicians in a clinica setting.

Healthcare interpreters important for heart attack aftercare

After a heart attack, foreign-born people are less likely to attend a relapse-preventing Heart School than native-born patients. But with access to a professional interpreter, participation increases, according to a new study.

Battery om fingertip.

Eco-friendly and affordable battery for low-income countries

A battery made from zinc and lignin that can be used over 8000 times. This has been developed by researchers at LiU with a vision to provide a cheap and sustainable battery solution for countries where access to electricity is limited.