New forms of organising clinical training in health care

Nurse student under education.
Anna Nilsen

The project examines new forms of organising clinical training (internship) in medical and healthcare education. The project background is the lack of placements for clinical training, the need to meet future health care, and the need for interaction with patients, collaboration between different professions and sectors of society (inter-sectorial organisation). The established way of intern supervision is a one-to-one situation, which does not encourage students to learn together during the clinical training. The research questions are: 1) How do arrangements for clinical placements enable interprofessional learning and collaboration practices for students? and 2) How can students’ interprofessional learning and collaboration be related to practices of supervision and the health care practices in which they are embedded? The methodological approach is three case studies, employing an interactive, ethnographic approach for exploring learning in clinical placement sites of interprofessional healthcare practices. The studied sites were in 2017 selected in collaboration with the Region Östergötland, the municipalities and the university. The study has two phases.

The focus of the first phase is to explore processes of collaboration between sectors and organisations involved in organising and arranging new arenas for students’ clinical placements in health care, that enable interprofessional collaboration and learning. Design: Data is gathered through interviews with actors from the Region Östergötland, the municipality, and the university.

The focus of the second phase is the emerging interprofessional learning and collaboration practices of students from different health care professional programmes on clinical placement. Design: Four-six student teams will be followed over their period of their clinical placement, commencing in semester 1, 2018. Participant observations and interviews with students, healthcare professionals will be conducted.

Researchers: Maria Gustavsson (project leader), Malin Tillmar, Madeleine Abrandt-Dahlgren, Annika Lindh Falk and Ann-Charlotte Bivall

This project will benefit from synergies with a project funded by the Swedish Research Council (VR) in which collaboration takes place with the Arctic University of Norway in Tromsö (UiT).


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Ann-Charlotte Bivall, Maria Gustavsson, Annika Lindh Falk (2021)

Higher Education, Skills and Work-based Learning , Vol.11 , s.798-810 Continue to DOI