Thor Balkhed

The WASP-LiU-MIT research environment is located at the division of Media and Information Technology on Campus Norrköping. Our work draws on 20 years of research, focusing on visualization and interaction in the context of AI, autonomous systems and software.

We address topics like machine learning and human-automation collaboration in experimental and design-oriented research projects; our research aims to illuminate how people and partially autonomous technology can work together and co-exist in productive and appropriate ways.

Location and facilities

The MIT division is the research arm of the Visualization Center C. C also comprises a public science center focusing on visualization for science communication, including a 4k fulldome theater with 100 seats for immersive visualization experiences. Many of the public exhibits originate in research projects at the MIT division, primarily in the units of Scientific visualization, Immersive visualization, Information visualization, and Visual learning and communication.

Moreover, we have developed a Decision Arena in the form of a conference room with interactive access to a 360-degree surrounding display, and most recently the Norrköping Design Arena with a computer graphics lab, a large-format 3D scanner and facilities for prototyping and co-design in interaction and visualization.





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