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I am a visualization researcher who focuses on developing fundamental concepts that find their application in real world solutions. I am passionate about the communication of science to both laymen and experts. I am the proud leader of a large research division with great people and have the privilege of being the director of a visualization center with research, education, innovation and public engagement as an agenda.


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I am involved in a large number of research projects ranging from low level computer graphics to applied visualization. Applications of my research are found in  diverse areas such as medical visualization, astrophysics, autonomous systems, artificial intelligence, and visual learning and communication.
Read more about recent projects at my personal homepage.


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One of my first tasks when I started as professor at LiU in 1999 was to define a one-year profile on Visualization in the Media and Technology program. Even since then I have been heavily engaged in teaching courses and defining programs at LiU. Apart from teaching I also supervise many master's thesis projects in visualization and its applications. Read more about my teaching track record and research on pedagogics and science communication on my personal home page.

Photo credit THOR BALKHED


I often present our research at conferences and am frequently invited to give keynotes at research conferences. I also give popular sicence talks on a range of topics related to my research and motivational talks about science and leadership to a general audience. For more information go to my personal homepage.






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