To be knowledgeable about environmental issues and sustainable development is increasingly important in various occupations and businesses. We offer a comprehensive supply of single subject courses for you who are employed, who wants to supplement or construct your own education, or has a thirst for knowledge in general.

Bilden visar en cyklist.Our single subject courses are interdisciplinary and include perspectives from the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities. The teachers are involved in related research and updated on the latest pedagogical methods. Research and education are intimately connected, and presently we are especially strong in the fields of international climate- and environmental policy, biogeochemical processes and material flows. This entails that our students are guaranteed a current and relevant education. Single subject courses are often synchronized with our bachelor’s and master’s programmes, which both have been noted as having met the highest educational standard in recent national evaluations. They could be studied on their own, or be included in a programme. 

Cooperate with employers

The Environmental Change unit collaborates with a number of regional and national organizations, agencies and companies, which you will regularly engage with as a student at our unit. This might involve, for instance, study visits, working with real cases and projects related to these organizations, or their representatives are actively involved as teachers. These opportunities will allow you as student to understand what knowledge is needed “out there” and meet prospective employers already during your studies. Examples of collaborative partners are Tekniska Verken, Region Östergötland, The Swedish Energy Agency, SMHI, Linköping Municipality, Norrköping Municipality, and Visual Sweden.

Methods of teaching

We adopt various methods in teaching that span from classical lectures and seminars to fieldwork and excursions. Irrespectively, we believe in student centered learning where you as a student are actively involved in your training.

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