We welcome LiU students and researchers to use the Library as a place for study. We can offer many resources that can help you in your work. Students from other universities and members of the public are also welcome to use our facilities.

Study spaces

At the libraries on our campuses there are individual study places and spaces for groups of students to study. There are quiet reading rooms when you want to sit in a noise-free environment. There are also group study rooms which LiU students can book via the University’s booking system.

The option to use library facilities outside of regular opening hours on a self-service basis is available to LiU students and employees. Read more about self-service hours

Computer workstations

All our libraries have computers that you can log on to using your LiU-ID. There are also a few computers with access key sign-in, possible to use for individuals without a LiU-ID. Users with a library card can borrow an access key at the library enquiry desk.

Course literature

The Library has copies of the books on your required reading list both as standard loan items and as day loan items, called textbook reference copies. These items can be checked out on a day loan basis. Use your LiU card or library card to borrow day loan items at a check-out station and return them in the self-return machine before you leave campus for the day.

Beside textbooks, the Library has a vast collection of print and electronic resources that is available to you during your studies.


DigiMaker is the library’s combined Digital Lab and Makerspace with facilities at all three campus libraries in Linköping and Norrköping. DigiMaker offers introductions and workshops on various themes, for example 3D-printing and CAD, producing videos and podcasts, and digital tools and methods. In DigiMaker, you can also explore the world with virtual reality (VR), create prototypes, and use sewing machines and other equipment.

DigiMaker’s target groups are undergraduate and PhD students as well as researchers at LiU.


During daytime, librarians are on hand to guide you through the information seeking process, answer your questions about loans and requests, and the Library’s resources and services. Come and talk to us at the enquiry desk or contact us online via email or live chat.

Can I use the Library if I am not a student or employee at LiU?

You do not need to be affiliated with Linköping University to use the Library. You are very welcome to use our facilities as a place for study.

You can obtain a library card to borrow books and other library items. With a library card, you can also borrow an access key for accessing library computers. As a walk-in user, you can access e-resources such as e-books, e-journals and databases. 

If you need to go online with your own devices, you can access the LiU-guest network in some facilities. An even better option is usually the eduroam wireless network, which is often available to you if you are a student at a school or an institution of higher education. 

As a student at a higher education institution in Sweden, you are welcome to use our interlibrary loan service and submit purchase suggestions of material for educational and research purposes.

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