Study in the library

Come use the library for studying. We can offer a variety of useful resources to support your work.

In the libraries on LiU's campuses you can study at individual study places. If you want real peace and quiet, you can use our quiet reading rooms. For those who prefer working together with others, there are group study spaces and bookable group study rooms. As a student, you use the LiU booking system to book a group study room in the library.

LiU student. Book a room.

All libraries can offer public computers accessible through your LiU ID. There are also computers available for users without a LiU card. To access these computers, you need a smart card, which can be borrowed at the library enquiry desk.
During the daytime, skilled librarians are available to guide you through the library’s resources.

All libraries provide possibilities for printing and copying with the help of LiU-card/library card and money deposited on a printing account.

A good working environment for the university’s students, teachers and researchers

• Be considerate and behave so that people around you are not disturbed
• Silence is to be observed in the study halls and subdued speech in other
• Set your phone to silent and leave the quiet zones when taking a call
• Snacks and non-alcoholic drinks are allowed in the library but no hot food
• A visitor who does not comply to these rules can be barred from loans and
entry to the library.

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