Åsa Danielsson

Deputy Dean, Senior Associate Professor

Several measures have been taken in order to reduce eutrophication in the Baltic Sea. It is clear that we do not always achieve the expected affects. Dr Danielsson’s research focuses on nutrients and heavy metals in aquatic environments.

The future of the Baltic Sea – not just a question of measures

The Baltic Sea has long been affected by eutrophication. Measures are implemented to reduce nutrient loads to the Baltic Sea, but we do not always see the expected effects. The presence of blue-green algal blooms, for example, return every summer and are ever more widespread.

Dr. Åsa Danielsson’s research focuses on analyzing connection, spatial and temporal changes in order to achieve a better understanding of how different substances and processes interact. Something that has been recently highlighted in research is the spread of oxygen-free bottoms and its impact on sediments as an internal source of nutrients.

Dr. Danielsson’s researching the interaction between silicon-phosphorus-nitrogen during different oxygen conditions. By analyzing long time series from a large-scale perspective, one can also increase the understanding of how nutrients are expected to be affected by climate change.



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  • 2002 
    Associate Professor of Water and Environmental Studies, Linköping University
  • 1998 
    PhD in Water and Environmental Studies, Linköping University
  • 1992 
    Bachelors in Statistics, University of Linköping


  • 2015-2017 
    Vice Dean of the Faculty of Arts, University of Linköping
  • 2009-2014 
    Head of department theme Environmental Change, Linköping University
    Collaboration Coordinator, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Linköping
    USI-coordinator, Universitet och Svenska Institut Associate Editor på Applied Geochemistry, 


  • Bachelor's program in Environmental Sciences, Linköping University 
  • MSc for Sustainable Development Linköping University 
  • Geography Teacher Programme, Linköping University
  • Water management in space and time, Focus Greece (in collaboration with the Cultural Geography of Stockholm University, the Economic History at Uppsala University and the Swedish Institute in Athens)