Environmental science for better understanding of the life zone on Earth

The life zone is forming a thin membrane surrounding the Earth. To better understand the present and future fundamental conditions and constraints for life and societies I am interested in the physical, chemical and biological processes, i.e. the biogeochemistry, in the life zone on our planet.

 Some of my research focuses on carbon cycling including organic matter production and degradation under different conditions. A related topic is greenhouse gas dynamics and emissions to the atmosphere at various scales ranging from local habitats to whole landscapes and global budgets. I also try to develop new improved methods for greenhouse gas measurements.

Chlorine cycling in nature and society is another interest, including the fates of chorine in terrestrial systems to better understand both its ecological importance and how to improve the risk assessments associated with the radioactive chlorine in nuclear waste. Another focus is the formation of potentially harmful byproducts when disinfecting drinking water, and how we can map this very diverse group of compounds better to minimize human exposure.

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