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Erik Frisk

Deputy Head of Department, Professor, Head of Division



Fatemeh Hashemniya, Erik Frisk, Mattias Krysander (2023) Hierarchical Diagnosis Algorithm for Component-Based Multi-Mode Systems 22nd IFAC World Congress: Yokohama, Japan, July 9-14, 2023, p. 11317-11323
Sogol Kharrazi, Lars Nielsen, Erik Frisk (2023) Generation of Mission-Based Driving Cycles Using Behavioral Models Parameterized for Different Driver Categories SAE technical paper series Continue to DOI
Theodor Westny, Joel Oskarsson, Björn Olofsson, Erik Frisk (2023) Evaluation of Differentially Constrained Motion Models for Graph-Based Trajectory Prediction 2023 IEEE INTELLIGENT VEHICLES SYMPOSIUM, IV Continue to DOI


Victor Fors, Björn Olofsson, Erik Frisk (2022) Resilient Branching MPC for Multi-Vehicle Traffic Scenarios Using Adversarial Disturbance Sequences IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INTELLIGENT VEHICLES, Vol. 7, p. 838-848 Continue to DOI
Jian Zhou, Björn Olofsson, Erik Frisk (2022) Interaction-Aware Moving Target Model Predictive Control for Autonomous Vehicles Motion Planning 2022 EUROPEAN CONTROL CONFERENCE (ECC), p. 154-161 Continue to DOI

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