Photo of Theodor Westny

Theodor Westny

PhD student

Public defence of licentiate thesis

Data-Driven Interaction-Aware Behaviour Prediction for Autonomous Vehicles

Theodor Westny, PhD candidate in Vehicular Systems, presents his licentiate thesis "Data-Driven Interaction-Aware Behaviour Prediction for Autonomous Vehicles"
Opponent is Senior ass. prof. Paolo Falcone, Chalmers/University of Modena e Reggio Emilia, Italy.



Theodor Westny, Joel Oskarsson, Björn Olofsson, Erik Frisk (2023) Evaluation of Differentially Constrained Motion Models for Graph-Based Trajectory Prediction 2023 IEEE INTELLIGENT VEHICLES SYMPOSIUM, IV Continue to DOI
Theodor Westny (2023) Data-Driven Interaction-Aware Behavior Prediction for Autonomous Vehicles


Theodor Westny, Björn Olofsson, Erik Frisk (2022) Uncertainties in Robust Planning and Control of Autonomous Tractor-Trailer Vehicles


Theodor Westny, Erik Frisk, Björn Olofsson (2021) Vehicle Behavior Prediction and Generalization Using Imbalanced Learning Techniques 24th IEEE International Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference (ITSC), 19-22 Sept. 2021, p. 2003-2010 Continue to DOI