Jelmer Brüggemann

Jelmer Brüggemann

Senior Lecturer

I study clinical ethics interventions, patient agency, and the construction of gender through medical practice. Through empirical work I study how social norms of integrity, identity, and bodies are shaped in and through a medical context.

The challenge of studying social norms in medical practice

As a medical sociologist I am interested in using social science perspectives and an interdisciplinary approach to explore sensitive questions within medicine, mostly concerning ethics and gender.

I see research challenges in studying and making visible experiences and discourses that are surrounded by silence, a taboo. A gender perspective holds together my work, from feminist science studies to norm-critical interventions. 

I work in two research projects.

The prostate, bodies, and sexuality

The first project is Constant Torment. Discursive Contours of the Aging Prostate with Ass. Prof. Ericka Johnson (Tema Technology and social change, LiU) as project leader. I work with questions of how men construct sexuality and masculinity in relation to prostate operations. I am also interested in what types of masculinity and sexuality are constructed in health care meetings around prostate surgery. In the project I collaborate with Carina Danemalm-Jägervall, sexologist in Region Kronoberg, Sweden.

Interactive research about interventions against abuse in health care

The second project I work on partly builds on my PhD and postdoc work, and deals with analyzing interventions against abuse in health care. Prof. em. Barbro Wijma (Gender and Medicine, LiU) is project leader. In the project I am interested in studying how an intervention model, being a drama pedagogical ethics training, makes visible, threatens, or changes relationships and values in medical practice.

I teach in the medical humanities at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and supervise student reports at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences as well as the Institute of Technology.

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