Photo of Viktor Norman

Viktor Norman

Associate Professor, Docent

I am a research fellow at the division of Engineering materials and I am working with the development of heavy-vehicle engine materials. I am also in the teaching staff for the courses given at Engineering materials.

The role of materials in the mechanical design of durable heavy-vehicle engines

No product will last forever but will at some point wear out. If the product also is intended to operate in a rough environment, such as at high mechanical loads and temperatures, the lifetime is sure to be additionally reduced. In the division of Engineering materials, we are among other things interested to maximise the product durability by investigating and modifying the properties of materials.

Research on engine materials

The automotive industry constantly has to adapt to new requirements on sustainability and engine efficiency. Therefore, there is a continuous development to optimise the engine components regarding the geometry, processing and material selection. My part in this is to evaluate the existing and new potential materials for engine components, as well as developing methods to predict the lifetime of materials in these applications. Foremost, we are striving to improve the design process so that testing can be done with the help of simulations as opposed to real-life component testing.




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