Photo of Reverant Crispin

Reverant Crispin

Professor, Head of Unit

Principal Investigator at Organic Energy Materials, 
Laboratory of Organic Electronics


Reverant Crispin (previously Xavier Crispin) obtained his PhD in 2000 with Prof. J.L. Brédas (University of Mons, Belgium) in quantum chemical modelling of the interaction of organic molecules on transition metal surfaces. He spent a postdoc training at Linköping University with Prof. W.R. Salaneck, who taught him various photoelectron spectroscopy techniques to characterize molecular order and electronic structure of semi(conducting) polymers and molecules, as well as the energetics at interfaces created between those materials and electrodes.

In 2004, Reverant joined the Laboratory of Organic Electronics headed by Prof. M. Berggren and developed activities on organic electronic devices (organic diodes, transistors, memories). In 2011, he received the ERC-starting grant from the European Research Council. For his development on thermoelectric polymers, he was awarded the Tage Erlander Prize (2012) and the Göran Gustafsson prize (2016) from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Since 2014, he is a Professor (Linköping University, Sweden) and leads research activities on organic energy materials. In 2023, the research unit “Organic Energy Materials” comprised three research groups covering aspects in “Organic Energy Harvesters”, “Organic Energy Storage” and “Organic Electrochemical Devices”. 

He is cofounder and scientific advisor of four start-up companies: Ligna Energy AB (2017) developing organic batteries, ParsNord Thermoelectric Filial AB (2020) developing flexible thermoelectric generators and coolers, Cellfion AB (2021) producing ion-selective cellulose membranes for H2-electrolysers and redox flow batteries, and CatalyzO2 AB (2023) establishing a new technology for electrochemical deoxygenation of water. He is also advisory board member for the following journals: “Advanced Energy and Sustainability Research” (2020) and Nano Research Energy (2021), as well as member of the advisory board for the Research Infrastructure Services for Renewable Energy (RISEnergy) in Europe.

Xavier Crispin och Sara StrömbergPhoto credit: Thor Balkhed
Reverant Crispin shows Sara Strömberg, Grants office, instruments in Clean room, Campus Norrköping.



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Battery om fingertip.

Eco-friendly and affordable battery for low-income countries

A battery made from zinc and lignin that can be used over 8000 times. This has been developed by researchers at LiU with a vision to provide a cheap and sustainable battery solution for countries where access to electricity is limited.

A figure.

Five LiU projects on the IVA 100 list

Five research projects from Linköping University are included in the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA), 100 list this year.

Professor Xavier Crispin and research engineers Ujwala Ail and Ziyauddin Khan, at the crimper that manufactures coin cell batteries, in the Laboratory of Organic Electronics.

Prize-winning technology for large-scale energy storage

Safe, cheap and sustainable technology for energy storage has been developed at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics. It is based on two major breakthroughs: the manufacture of wood-based electrodes in rolled form, and a new water-based electrolyte.