Organic Energy Materials 

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Thor Balkhed

We exploit and investigate the physics and chemistry of new organic and composite materials to improve electronic and electrochemical energy devices.

One key advantage of organics is that they are composed of atomic elements of high natural abundancy; which is highly relevant for mass implementation of energy devices. Energy devices can be separated into conversion and storage devices. Here are our favourite research topics:

  1. We functionalize forest-based materials, such as cellulose and lignin and implement them into solid state or redox flow batteries.
  2. We study the conversion of heat into electricity through several effects: Seebeck effect of electronic charge carriers, Soret effect of ions and thermogalvanic effect of redox molecules. We also investigate the reverse effect for cooling applications.
  3. We explore the conversion of electricity into chemical energy for H2 and H2O2 production, as well as H2-storage in liquid hydrogen organic carriers.
  4. Finally, we study the conversion of mechanical energy into electricity and vice versa by piezoelectric organic polymers and nanocelluloses.

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News about Organic Energy Materials

Peter Ringstad, VD Ligna Energy with a printed battery.

Climate-smart battery technology wins innovation competition

Ligna Energy AB, a spin-off from Linköping University, has been nominated as winner of one of the two innovation awards in the Startup 4 Climate competition. The announcement was made at the recently concluded COP 26 in Glasgow.

Professor Xavier Crispin and research engineers Ujwala Ail and Ziyauddin Khan, at the crimper that manufactures coin cell batteries, in the Laboratory of Organic Electronics.

Prize-winning technology for large-scale energy storage

Safe, cheap and sustainable technology for energy storage has been developed at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics. It is based on two major breakthroughs: the manufacture of wood-based electrodes in rolled form, and a new water-based electrolyte.

Mikhail Vagin and Penghui Ding working in the laboratory.

LiU researchers first to develop an organic battery

Researchers at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics have for the first time demonstrated an organic battery. It is of a type known as a “redox flow battery” that can be used to store energy from solar cells, and as a power bank for cars.

Education, collaboration, innovation


The Organic Energy Material group is involved in the education of phd students and contributes to several high-level courses (scientific instrumentation, organic electronics, electrochemistry). 


Our researchers can interact with other scientists through our the 3 centers involving LOE: The Advanced Functional Center, the Wood Wallenberg Science Center; and the Digital Cellulose Center and the EU network HORATES.


We also promote innovation by supporting start-up companies (Ligna Energy AB,  PARSNORD and CELLIFON) and establishing long term collaborations with key industrial partners (RedoxmeIMRA-EuropeBillerud).

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