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Jan-Åke Larsson

Head of Department, Professor

My research is mainly in quantum technology, quantum information theory and foundations of quantum mechanics.

Quantum Technology, quantum information theory and foundations of quantum mechanics.


Research and teaching

My main research interests are connected in various ways with quantum mechanics, and I teach cryptology, quantum information theory, and foundations of quantum theory. My current main research project is a study of the resources available to Quantum Computers, that enable the quantum advantage.

Previous research concerns the security of Quantum Cryptography, specifically the classical subsystems needed in the various proposed systems. Underlying all this is the foundations of quantum mechanics, where I study questions of locality and contextuality, see the publication list for more information.

Thesis proposals

If you are interested in doing your Masters or Bachelors thesis with me, contact me. There may be an appropriate project.

PhD supervision;



Niklas Johansson, Felix Huber, Jan-Åke Larsson (2023) Conjugate Logic The Quantum-Like Revolution: A Festschrift for Andrei Khrennikov, p. 157-180 Continue to DOI


Costantino Budroni, Adan Cabello, Otfried Guehne, Matthias Kleinmann, Jan-Åke Larsson (2022) Kochen-Specker contextuality Reviews of Modern Physics, Vol. 94, Article 045007 Continue to DOI
Christoffer Hindlycke, Jan-Åke Larsson (2022) Efficient Contextual Ontological Model of n-Qubit Stabilizer Quantum Mechanics Physical Review Letters, Vol. 12, Article 130401 Continue to DOI


Jan-Åke Larsson.

Nobel Prize awarded for evidence of entangled particles

The Nobel Prize for Physics, 2022, has been awarded to three researchers, for their research into quantum phenomena. Jan-Åke Larsson, professor at LiU, has made theoretical contributions to experiments led by Anton Zeilinger in Vienna.

Quantum computers and photonics to attract students

“We have seen increasing interest from students for quantum computers, quantum cryptography and photonics, says Jan-Åke Larsson, who has taken the initiative to a new profile within Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering.

ISY 50

50 years of systems development

The Department of Electrical Engineering at LiU celebrates its 50th birthday. “We are proud of our long tradition of excellent research, top-quality education and close collaboration”, said Jan-Åke Larsson, head of department.

Jan-Åke Larsson

Spreading light over quantum computers

Scientists at Linköping University have managed to simulate quantum computer properties in a classical computer. “Our results should be highly significant in determining how to build quantum computers”, says Professor Jan-Åke Larsson.

The Big Bell Test

The results of the Big Bell Test are in

3,283 people in Sweden, among them pupils at Katedralskolan in Linköping, participated in a huge experiment that challenged Einstein’s ideas about how the world works on the scale of quantum mechanics. The results have now been published in Nature.

Jan-Åke Larsson, professor i informationskodning

The Big Bell Test

The experiment of the century is to be repeated, but this time using people as random number generators and at the same time in many places around the world. It will now be decided once and for all whether Albert Einstein or Niels Bohr was right.

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