10 June 2024

Recently, Anton Zeilinger, Professor Emeritus and Nobel Laureate in Physics, was promoted to Honorary Doctor at Linköping University. In connection with the ceremony, Professor Zeilinger also offered a technical lecture at the Department of Electrical Engineering.

Anton Zeilinger lectures.

As previously reported by Linköping University, Anton Zeilinger was appointed Honorary Doctor of Technology for his contributions to quantum technology. Among other things, he has conducted groundbreaking experiments with entangled photons that violate Bell's inequality. This experiment paves the way for quantum information science, which uses quantum mechanical systems for information processing and information transfer, providing higher computational power and more secure communication.

The meaning of the quantum state

Anton Zeilinger lectures.
In connection with the academic ceremony, where Professor Zeilinger was promoted to Honorary Doctor, he gave a popular science lecture on quantum entanglement, from foundations to applications and back. Later in the day, he also gave a more technical lecture. The lecture " The meaning of the quantum state" was well attended and was organized by the Department of Electrical Engineering.

"Made us all think"

When asked about the significance for the department of being able to host such a technical lecture with Professor Zeilinger, Jan-Åke Larsson, Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering, responded:

– It is very valuable for us to strengthen our ties with Anton Zeilinger and his group. The lecture in the afternoon made us all think, and I understand that afterwards, there have been scientific discussions on the subject in several places at LiU, among physicists, engineers, and philosophers.

Anton Zeilinger och Jan-Åke Larsson.



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