Honorary doctors boost LiU’s research

Seven international researchers who have each contributed to research at Linköping University (LiU) are to become honorary doctors. The ceremony where they are to be promoted will take place on 21 May, during the spring’s Academic Ceremony.

People who sit on a stage Academic celebration at Linköping University in 2019. Peter Holgersson AB

The selected researchers have close collaborations with LiU researchers within language and reading skills, climate policy, computer science, organic electronics, medical imaging and inflammatory diseases. They were awarded honorary doctorates in the spring of 2020, but, due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is only now that they have been able to come to Sweden for the promotion.

Two of the honorary doctors – Professor Brian Byrne and Professor Richard Olson – have worked with Professor Stefan Samuelsson from LiU, leading a major international twin study for 20 years, and studying how genetics and the environment influence children’s language and early reading skills. Professor Karen O’Brien has been awarded an honorary doctorate for being a pioneer in cross-disciplinary research into the societal effects of climate change.

Professor Jeannette M. Wing has been awarded an honorary doctorate, with special focus on her work in computational thinking, formal methods and artificial intelligence. Professor George Malliaras, also an honorary doctor, is a pioneer within organic electronics, having worked in the field for more than 25 years. Professor Cynthia H. McCollough has been awarded an honorary doctorate for her initiatives in the borderland between medicine and technology.

Professor Derek McKay, a well-established researcher within the physiology and pathophysiology of the gastro-intestinal tract, in particular during inflammatory disease, has also been awarded an honorary doctorate.

Translated by Benjamin Davies

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