Division of Sensory Organs and Communication (SOK)

At the division, research focusing on human communication is carried out.

Photo credit Thor BalkhedThe main areas of research are interaction involving people with communicative disabilities, speech and language disorders in children and applied hearing research.

Upcoming events at SOK

19 December 2023

Public defence of doctoral thesis in Medical Science: Abbas Al-Hawasi

1.00 pm – 4.00 pm Hugo Theorell, Building 440, Floor 9, Northern Entrance

Abbas Al-Hawasi, Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences, defends his doctoral thesis "Retinal ganglion cell examination with Optical Coherence Tomography reflects physiological and pathological changes in the eye and the brain". Opponent is Professor Per Söderberg, Uppsala University. The defense takes place in the hall Hugo Theorell, Campus US, Linköping. Supervisor Neil Lagali is the contact person for the dissertation.





Close-up of an eye.

European investment in research into corneal diseases

Researchers at Linköping University are taking part in the largest European investment to date into diseases of the cornea. The aim is to restore vision in people with severe and rare eye diseases.

Demonstration of surgical method.

Bioengineered cornea can restore sight to the blind and visually impaired

LiU-researchers have developed an implant made of collagen protein from pig’s skin, which resembles the human cornea. In a pilot study, the implant restored vision to 20 people with diseased corneas.

Christina Reutersköld

Children’s language skills arise before speech

Seven out of every hundred children do not learn their mother tongue as expected. Christina Reuterskiöld, newly appointed professor of speech and language pathology at Linköping University, is investigating how language develops in children.

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