30 May 2024

Nandita Mishra, university lecturer at the Division of Language for specific purpose at IEI, has been appointed as "Educator of the Year 2023/2024" – an educational award presented by the Economics Association at Linköping University (ELIN).

Teacher holding flowers and diplom which she has received from happy students.
Nandita Mishra with students fromBusiness and Economics Programme

The motivation reads:

Always helpful, always pleasant, and always sympathetic. Nandita has the ability to make every lesson interesting and involves every student, which together are important qualities that make her a fantastic educator. 

Here's what Nandita says about the award:

“It was a pleasant surprise for me, and I am so delighted to receive this award. This means a lot to me especially because I am fairly new to the university and to this beautiful country. This award not only gives me an assurance of being accepted but also motivates me to work harder. I am happy to know that students find my lectures interesting, and they feel I include everyone during my lectures because for me a teacher is successful only if he/she can reach out to each student in the class and can encourage them to think critically. The award has motivated me to continue striving for excellence in all my academic endeavours.”


Nandita Mishra, university lecturer at the Division of Language for specific purpose at IEI, has been appointed as


Nandita Mishra joined LiU in 2021 and teaches subjects such as accounting, economics, and sustainability in English. She always tries to integrate a more international perspective into her teaching so that students get maximum exposure to internationalisation. She particularly appreciates how students have developed critical thinking and how they approach things in a positive manner.

"They are not afraid of challenges and know how to overcome them. The students are the soul of the university, full of energy, sincerity, and creativity," says the university lecturer Nandita Mishra.

Nandita shares that she is enjoying every day at LiU and especially loves the campus when it's full of bicycles. Working at LiU makes her happy and motivated. She feels that the university offers the best possible opportunities and environment for all its employees.

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