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BKV - Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences

BKV - contact for each division

BARNAF, NEURO - Anna Törnlööf
KKF, SOK - Madeleine Törngren
CSAN, CELLB, BKH - Ulla Svensson Bater
CELLB, NEURO - Malgorzata Smolinska Konefal
II - Therese Pettersson
HR - Gesine Ensle
KOO, VS -  Therese Erwill
MMV and Medical programme -  Malin Sundberg

HMV - Department of Health, Medicine and Caring Sciences

IBL - Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning

IDA - Department of Computer and Information Science

IEI - Department of Management and Engineering

IFM - Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology

IKOS - Department of Culture and Society

IMT - Department of Biomedical Engineering

ISY - Department of Electrical Engineering

ITN - Department of Science and Technology

MAI - Department of Mathematics

TEMA - Department of Thematic Studies

Other (GEL)


Anna Fyrberg,

CMIV - Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization

LiU Holding

NSC - National Supercomputer Centre

Dean's Offices

FFK - Dean's Office, Faculty of Arts and Sciences

KFU - Dean's Office, Faculty of Educational Sciences

MFK - Dean’s Office, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

TFK - Dean's Office, Faculty of Science and Engineering

Kårservice - the student unions’ own service organisation

LinTek, student union for the Faculty of Science and Engineering students

Maja Filppu,

StuFF – student union for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences students

Linn Davidsson,

University Library (UB)

University Library

University services (UF)

University services