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Teiksma Buseva

Junior Faculty at Linköping University is the network for the future research leaders at Linköping University. The Junior Faculty, encompassing all faculties, is an arena for information and knowledge exchange for early-career academics, i.e. for postdoctoral researchers and teachers with an aim towards docentship.

January 2007 the LiU-Junior Faculty started as a university-wide network for early career researchers and teachers. LiU-Junior Faculty is an arena for researchers that hold a doctoral degree but have not yet reached the level of docent. This network aims at representing and supporting junior postdoctoral researchers in their career, to assist the university in strengthening the competence of junior researchers and to reinforce the expansion of research.

The LiU-Junior Faculty intends to create an intellectually stimulating arena helping junior researchers in career-development and provide an interdisciplinary and university-wide network contributing to strengthening their independent identity as researchers.

Our most visible activity are monthly seminars hosted by the Junior Faculty. These seminars and workshops cover a wide variety of topics relevant to the skill development and career strategy of junior researchers and also serve as an important opportunity to network with others across the university.

Our aims

  • To strengthen the position of research at LiU - both nationally and internationally
  • To create a network for interdisciplinary co-operation between researchers
  • To observe the position of LiU in national and international co-operation between Junior Faculties at other universities
  • To provide a platform for career support and intellectual exchange via workshops, seminars, mentorship
  • To promote a transparent career system for researchers at LiU

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