Marketing and Innovation

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In our research into marketing and innovation we work with questions about how organisations and customers can together create value.

Research from a customer perspective

Our starting point is the customer experience when consuming a product or service, and we seek to understand the composition of the customer response. The key is the service meeting – where customers and employees interact, and where the surroundings, consisting of design and other customers, affect the experience.

We study, for example, how:

  • customers can be influenced to adopt a more sustainable pattern of consumption
  • lies from employees and customers affect the service encounter
  • gifts influence consumer behaviour, in both the short and long terms
  • customers get involved in the sharing economy.

The research is carried out together with organisations, and is based on a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods such as experiments, interviews and surveys.

Research from an organisation perspective

Our starting point is the way in which organisations work with innovation and design, and how this affects the company business model. We focus in particular on strategies associated with innovation and services, and we have analysed patents, service portfolios and business models.

We study, for example, how:

  • organisations work with digital business models
  • organisations collaborate around business models in constellations that create value
  • organisations work proactively to create markets.

The research is carried out together with organisations, and is based on case studies, action research, questionnaires and archive data. The companies we have collaborated with are in, for example, the electricity industry, agriculture and manufacturing industry. We are also involved in biogas research.

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