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Teachers from Media and information technology teach on several educational programmes at various levels. In addition, many students do their diploma works under our supervision, often in collaboration with companies. We also offer graduate education, where we provide courses in our research areas.

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The two main programmes where teachers from Media and information technology teach are the master of science in Media technology and engineering programme and the bachelor's programme in Graphic design and communication. Contact person for the undergraduate education is the director of studies Camilla Forsell.

Master of Science in Media Technology and Engineering, 300 credits

The education programme concerns the technology behind media and transforming information flows to match our sensory capacities. Out former students now work with anything from special effects in Hollywood movies to virtual furniture for IKEA to game development. For information, see pages in Swedish.

Bachelor's Programme in Graphic Design and Communication, 180 credits

This is the education for you if you want to be a creative and technically skilled designer and communicator with the competencies required by a rapidly changing and global media and communications field. For information, see pages in Swedish.

Design, Master's Programme, 120 credits

Offers a studio-based, interdisciplinary approach to design, with collaborations tackling societal challenges. We invite students with various academic backgrounds, from design, engineering, fine arts, behavioral sciences, and social sciences.

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