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Media and information technology conducts internationally renowned fundamental and applied research. The division is a world leader in research on visualization of large data sets from for example medical imaging technologies and cameras that handle very wide ranges of light intensity.

The research at Media and information technology is headed by professor Anders Ynnerman. Below you can read more about the exciting research in the six research units, national and international research collaborations that we participate in, and our latest publications. Media and information technology hosts the research at Norrköpings Visualiseringscenter C, coordinated through C-research. 

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Dominique Laniel, Florian Trybel, Yuqing Yin, Timofey Fedotenko, Saiana Khandarkhaeva, Andrey Aslandukov, Georgios Aprilis, Alexei I. Abrikosov, Talha Bin Masood, Carlotta Giacobbe, Eleanor Lawrence Bright, Konstantin Glazyrin, Michael Hanfland, Jonathan Wright, Ingrid Hotz, Igor A. Abrikosov, Leonid Dubrovinsky, Natalia Doubrovinckaia (2023) Aromatic hexazine [N6]4− anion featured in the complex structure of the high-pressure potassium nitrogen compound K9N56 Nature Chemistry Continue to DOI

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